5 Basic Rules of Baseball

We know how the baseball sport has so much craze in us. Having the great demand for baseball sport, it is being played by everyone. In schools, colleges, clubs, etc. it is being trained to the students, employees and other youngsters as a profession. They are showing much enthusiasm in being trained in this sport. Generally, it gives much entertainment to the audience, but it’s very dangerous for the players when they do not follow proper rules and precautions while playing or being trained times.


The player may get fatal injuries due to the following reasons.


First and for most, people who don’t do even just a 10 minute warm up prior to any sport can get injured easily. Though the learner is not a professional in this sport, as the average energy of a person of any aged one can throw a ball with 60 miles and more per hour speed. This might lead to the broken bones or chin and causes painful welts when the thrown ball hit to him.


Without having the certain knowledge of baseball throwing techniques, the baseball sports learner should not go for practice at all. Because of throwing the baseball in bad form can lead to big arm injuries or pains.


Apart from these reasons, the main and common reason is dashing each other while playing. For catching the ball in the ground, the players run with excessive speed and they don’t watch in front of them; they focus on the ball which was hit by the batsman into the air. In this situation, the players frequently get collisions each other with great speed and finally get huge injuries.


Wearing eye wears or glasses while batting in baseball sport is not much safer because the ball reaches to the batsman with great speed and it breaks the glasses when it hit.


To overcome these problems a player or a learner of baseball sport must wear the following safety equipment which is specially designed for baseball players while playing it.


* Helmet:


In any sports, the helmet plays a vital role as a safeguard for head and face to prevent fatal injuries to the players. The baseball player also must wear a helmet especially batsmen, fielders and sometimes pitchers. High quality and well-fitted helmet always give great protection to the player.


* Facemask:


A facemask covers the player’s face and protects from the injuries of chin, nose, and teeth. It acts as a safeguard for the player, and this must be worn by batsmen, keepers, and umpires.


* Chest Protector:


The chest protector gives complete protection to the chest and reduces the chest injuries when they colloid each other in the field.


* Ankle, elbow and wrist guards:


As the name indicates the Ankle, elbow and wrist guards provide more safety to the batsmen and fielders.


* Jocks and cups:


Wearing jocks and cups is the most important thing rather than all safeguards because it protects a very sensitive part as we know. It must be worn by every baseball player including pitch umpire also.




Though the gloves are not much preferable in other sports, these are essential safeguards in baseball sport. The catchers must wear the gloves that are specially designed for baseball sport to prevent hand and palm injuries while catching the ball because the ball moves with miles of speed.